Our key projects over the past two years have been as follows:

  • We funded 80% of the new roof installation to the main building of the Roman Catholic Primary School (Elementary School) in Koindu, after a devastating storm destroyed it on March of 2017.  These funds were generated primarily through crowd sourcing on “GoFundMe”.
  • We 100% funded the renovation of the dilapidated 12 restroom stalls of the Roman Catholic Primary(Elementary) School in Koindu  with proceeds from our first annual reunion fundraising event
  • We 100% funded the construction of 6 new restroom stalls for the Kissi Bendu Secondary School (High School) in Koindu; also from the proceeds of our first annual reunion fundraising event.
  • We provided emergency food-relief in Koindu for 42 family homes affected by another devastation storm on April of 2018.
  • We sponsored, in partnership with the local Kissi Bendu Youth Organization, a summer school program for over 500 registered children.
  • On a continuum, thus far, we have provided financial assistance to 12 members who had experienced life-changing events.

“We are providing a progressive platform for innovative ideas and effective discussions geared primarily towards the development and prosperity of the” Kissi Bendu community

Our organization is currently responsible and accountable for all funds received through Gofundme Campaign titled KOINDU EMERGENCY STORM CRISIS FUND. We secured a legal representative, Lawyer Bangaly Monorma Bah, in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone. Lawyer Bah, has been facilitating the receipt of funds from our organization on behalf of our kind donors. We entrusted his office with the responsibility to coordinate all efforts to determine the assessment of the damages, cost-estimation for all necessary repairs, contractual deals, and the completion of work. 

Family Reunion, Fundraising Dance, and Picnic
78% Family Reunion, Fundraising Dance, and Picnic
Emergency Storm Crisis Fund
50% Emergency Storm Crisis Fund