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Thank you for making the attempt to join our Association. We are the sons and daughters of the Kissi Bendu Community (Koindu and its surrounding towns and villages) living in the United States of America. If you are one of us or would love to support our causes, please use this online application form to join us. Using the online application is simple and important. An account will be created for you automatically and you will have access to the database with the list of all registered members. You can also Download Membership Application Form, print and mail it to us. All prospective members of KFANA are required to complete this registration form or apply online. After submitting your online membership form, you will see a page with detail information to pay your one-time membership due. You can pay using a credit/debit card online


Member Type Description Membership Dues (One time only)
Full Membership (Active) Active Member: a person actively participating in the running of the Organization and he/she is in good standing in terms of payment of membership fees, dues, donation, and meeting attendance etc. $100
Honorary Membership A person who becomes a life member by being honored for his/her outstanding participation in the Organization. Such a member may choose to be active or inactive $200
Inactive Member: A person with a continuing interest in the objectives of the Organization, who is in good standing in payment of the membership fees, but who no longer participates actively in the running of the Organization.  
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