Annual Family Renion


Koindu, a rural small town in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone, lies on the Moa River border with the countries of Liberia and Guinea. Once a thriving commercial hub with vitality and progress, this town now exists in greater need for re-development. Koindu should not be confused with Koidu, which is a major diamond mining town in Kono District[3] and market center. The population of Koindu is estimated at 16,751. Koindu lies approximately 63 miles from Kenema and about 230 miles east of Freetown

In 1991, Koindu was the first town afflicted by the ravaging 11 years long civil war our country Sierra Leone endured. In March of 2014, Koindu was also the first town affected by the Ebola pandemic that took many lives and left many families devastated.

Unfortunately, on the night of May 20th, 2017, a severe rain storm left a lot of destruction on this little town that is already suffering to recover from the negative after effects of the civil war and the Ebola pandemic. As reported, many homes were destroyed including the two main primary schools that existed to educate our already disadvantaged children. Even more devastating is the reported fact that the storm happened at a crucial time when the children were in the process of taking their year- end final examinations.

It is in light of this recent disaster that our registered 501 (c) (3) Non-profit organization, the KOINDU FAMILY ASSOCIATION of North America (KFANA) located in Smyrna, Georgia, is soliciting urgent funds to help with the need for repairs and rebuilding of the homes and schools affected by the storm.